1. This is so sexy. Frank Kozik’s studio. UHHHH i want it all!

  2. Old. oh well. Nigo and his collection(s). I like that

  3. Flagstaff

  4. I love this. Probably my new favorite type of music. Whiskey Road- If I were you. A+

  5. so good

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  6. Lalo Cota in Phoenix. This dude is dope. 

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  8. books are so hot. even brick ones

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  10. cchung34:

    No freaking way.

    Best picture on the internet.

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  11. its cute when girls do this. Its lame when I do this.

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  12. Its your birthday M2TH3E! Celebrate it up! Hope you’re living the life. Like this kid

  13. kkikki:

    i <3 charley harper

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  14. some might say to put a bird on it. 

  15. spotted along the tracks in Tucson. UREKA! x DREZ x FIEKS